Is using VR controllers worth it?

I just cannot understand this. Especially as you say you never used them, so essentially you don’t know. Some people try and see what they like better, and ok some prefer a mouse, but to have never even tried and then say you’d rather endure physical torture is such a weird thing to say.

So in your mind, fiddling with a mouse is more realistic than the “meat tongs”? Or do you have absolutely every single button and knob mapped to your hardware? If so congrats you must have one hell of a sim cockpit I guess. But for most of us that’s not realistic so for less used items we need some interaction device.

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Its OK dude. Don’t be so serious. Before I had the G2, I owned a HTC Vive and I did try to use VR controllers in DCS, Xplane 11 and Aerofly and it never worked out. So changing to a G2 I never tried it again in MSFS. So its not like I never used controllers, just never with the G2 or MSFS, not will I ever.

The meat tongs was really just a joke. Imagine sitting in a real plane trying to use them to change frequencies or heaven forbid control the yolk. Using VR controllers is like that and there is NOTHING immersive about using them.

So to each their own. My setup also is not conducive to even considering using them. The mere irritation of trying to find the controller (with headset on) and then banging it against the desk and monitor as you try to point at something is hilarious and irritating at the same time.

And yes a mouse may not suite everyone but its a familiar device and ticks the boxes for me for now until something else comes along. But for me VR controllers are not it.

i have a hybrid setup i guess… i have honeycomb throttle and yoke and some logitech pedals… i have the VR controllers set up for all other cockpit interaction pretty much… so changing heading/speed/altimeter and also programming mcdu/nav etc … really works well as reaching to the spot where the control is in the cockpit is more immersive for me than using a mouse… so you reach up to the overhead to turn on batterys etc… central pedestal to release parking brake, just like you would in an airliner cockpit for example… what’s also fun is that when you fly say a more GA aircraft you really get the feel for sitting in a smaller space… i also leave hte controller in my lap when not using, so sure you ahve to pick it up first, but for me this is small sacrifice… i have the cockpit interactions set up as in the video posted in this thread… i tried with ‘twisting’ for a bit, but coulnd’t get it to work reliably, so moving the thumbstick to change values is 100% reliable so yes, not completely accurate, but makes the whole interaction great fun…

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Agreed makes absolutely ZERO sense!
Choosing a cumbersome mouse that has to stay on top of a mousepad that some folks just may not have any room for in their VR cockpit setup. Meanwhile VR controllers are basic laser pointers that you can just pick up, put down or hang up( yes they do come with support straps) when needed.
Silly how folks just assume all of that goes out of the window with VR as if users are simply throwing on a headset and flying with 2 VR controllers only. Also funny they automatically assume once you don a VR HMD you are cut off from using the rest your flight deck hardware setup.
The human brain is an amazing machine that quickly retains muscle memory.
A couple weeks to a month of VR familiarity and you’ll find yourself operating your controls/hardware within reach normally as if you were not wearing an HMD.

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