Is VR worth it with the FBW A320?

So I mostly just fly the fbw A320 in MSFS.

Been thinking about getting the HTC Vive Pro 2 and see if it’s true that if you go VR, you never go back to normal flying lol.

So the question is, can you use VR with the fbw A320 and is it even worth it?

It‘s simply awesome! You should definitely try it out!
The only thing I‘m missing is the control via VR controllers, which is not integrated into MSFS (yet?). So you have to use the mouse to control the knobs and buttons.

But in general the immersion is great and when you break out of the clouds and you hear the engines roaring and move your head and watch the sky…breathtaking graphics!

Just keep in mind you will need a lot of GPU power for MSFS in VR


If I remember right GPU wise you’re going to need at least a GTX 1080 (or an equivalent) and preferably an RTX 2080 Ti (or an equivalent) or better.

The FBW A320 is a stutterfest in VR. Also, I find it difficult to find a good seat position in VR, it always feels off when looking at the sidestick and throttle.

I have RTX 3080. Will that be plenty?

Don’t want to get it if it will be borderline

Dam, really? We’ll probably won’t get it then if that’s truly the case

Up to recently I have been able to use VR with FBW A320 without issues. Recently I have had serious problems with the autopilot on the developer version going a bit haywire when using VR and have stopped using VR with it for a while until that stabilises. Hand flying it in VR is still pretty awesome for me, however.

For what is recommended by Asobo yes as a 3080 smokes a 2080 Ti.

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Hmm, hesitant now if to go VR or not. Being that the fbw A320 is the only aircraft I use, don’t want to be waste it.

3080 is mighty plenty.
Don’t forget to step outside of the aircraft when flying.
Admiring the aircraft from the outside and the scenery below like you’re Superman is a real treat.

It is not a stutterfest for me. In fact since su5, performance is great using gtx1080, i7, 16gbRam and Oculus cv1 ant tray tool.

You dhould have no problem at all with thr gpu you have.


Given that FBW320 is updated several times a day, have you tested it recently?

It currently is fine for me.

Get headset from Amazon. If it doesn’t work, refund it.

Or pretend replaying a Twilight Zone episode :wink:


I have every expectation that the autopilot issue for me will get resolved soon.
I would definitely recommend the experience of VR with it- I totally love it.
I guess I wasn’t explicit enough in my first post about how great I find it (when it works!) I would hate to say “yes it is great” and then have you say later that you couldn’t use it due to autopilot issues… but long term I fully expect it to work fine (if any of that helps!) [Again- my experience is with the developer version and the autopilot issues only seem to happen in the descent when it purpoises like mad in VR but not in 2D version]

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This. I fly the FBW all the time in VR, it’s incredible. You will need a high Res headset to maximise what you can read on the flight displays. Haven’t done a 2d flight since I got it…

GTX 1080 is the very bare minimum for VR, I had that, everything possible low/off, but Texture = ULTRA and that was it, worked, bit flat, no shadows. Upgraded AMD LC 6800XT (like 3080+), it’s just more smooth and an easier setup. VR still beats 2D hand down


I’m assuming the HTC vive pro 2 is plenty and best for this?

I will do exactly this!!

Mind you the VR is not close to 4K level so you will experience shimmers of objects at a shorter distance than 2D. There are times when buildings, homes, trees look watered down (blur) as I fly over them. I set the render scale 100 both in sim and OpenXR and mix of high, ultra and few medium settings. I have the G2 rtx 2080 super