Is weather supposed to be "Live" or just based on predictions?

So following all these broken Live Weather posts, I keep seeing this confusion over what Live weather is supposed to mean.

Some say it’s taking actual data from Meteoblue and loading it into the game.

Others say it’s not supposed to be weather happening in real life but rather, weather just based on predictions.

Which is it? Would be really helpful to get some clarification from the Devs.

Best go to the source.

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I think it just reads METARS and then calculates weather based on that but does not actually recreate real world weather. Very similar to the way FSX works.

All I can say is the only sign of Tropical Storm Marco south of Haiti is a weird phantom cloud clump that seems very low (under FL100) and disappears if you get close. No sign of any wind or rain.

Not in standard metars range I think. Also during major storms reporting stations for metars often don’t report.

No, it doesnt read metars, its way more complex than every old FS weatherengine we had. Check the feature discovery video on youtube about meteoblue.

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How i understood it from the meteoblue video:
They take the actual weather data, different prediction models etc. from meteoblue (much more than just a basic metar/ATIS) and the weather engine creates a weather based on that.

So it does maybe not create the exact metar on each airport but instead then generates a weather in the sim that is maybe not tatally a copy at any given point but a much more realistic weather on the whole world/larger area than what we are used to in other flight sims.

Kind of an own weather in the sim based onreal world data that is much more realistic than just recreate the exact metar at the airports and just interpolating whats in between as we are used to in other sims before.
Given that we dont have this extreme weather changes that we had using active sky in older sims.

I really like the aproach.


agree with nice idea of system in FS with MeteoBlue but in case of system is functional as is with reality, I can’t have 30 deg C temperature on my airport when Metar and reality says 23 deg C, this isn’t any prediction, also not in close time. On other side, MeteoBlue says correct temperature as Metar or reality is but FS not.


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