Isafjordur crash to desktop

I never had a CTD issue before, but noticed that after the last update + world update V, starting at Isafjordur (and there only - i discovered it through the landing challenge) the sim crashes.
Does anybody else have that?
I tried removing the community folder’s content altogether to no avail.

maybe you bought the zinertek textures? there is an issue with those.

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Ha. yes. That was it. And it wasn’t in the community folder as I bought it.

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Where did you find them? I cannot play the sim and I had Zintertek in Community

If you bought addons from the Marketplace, it would go to the Official Folder, not community. You have to manually remove them from the Content Manager.

Go to marketplace / content manager and look for Zinertek. Someone else said a previous version of Rex textures led to the same problem. So maybe you check for this as well?

Can confirm that the textures are causing a CTD as per topic. Zinertek says an update will be released on the 26th of June: Zinertek Technologies

i just had aslo a ctd and i don’t have the zinertek add on… so it’s not related …(to my opinion)…i tried like 5 times this new challenge…5 ctd(s)…so ?? confused…

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In my case it was the Zinertek add-on, solved the issue (temporarily) by deleting it from the Official folder.

In general, when I get CTD’s, it’s because some add-on conflicts with specific simulator files by Asobo, modellib is the most common one. The problem is that there’s no easy way to isolate the issue.

Have you already tried the challenge after renaming the Community folder to something else? (This way you don’t need to move any files for a quick test)

It is BIIS airport that is conflicting with something. I have deleted Zinertek add-on but still instant CTD when approaching or spawning at this airport.

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Maybe REX airport texture addon. You have to update this product.

it’s true i have many files in my community…but only 2 planes a320 and b737 and like 40 liveries…and it’s annoying to delete everything one by one…i rather don’t have a “adventure” than reloading everything one by one…too lazy…lol…so you mean by renaming “community” to “addons” by example could save my life ?

updated already…

Updated with ingame marketplace?

think so…gonna check on that…but i had no issue with the new update…so i guess…gonna check again to be sure…thanks

REX Real Global Airport Textures - Technical Update 1.0 - Released

Exactly, by temporarily renaming Community to something else (addons is fine) the sim should create a new, empty Community folder while starting up.
This is just a quick way to check if you still get a CTD - if so it’s probably something in the Official folder, if not it’s probably going to be painful (been there myself a couple of times).

This is similar to what I am experiencing with a handful of airports tied to the landing challenges, there’s got to be something specific about them as it’s only occurring at landing challenge airports.

me too in the same situation.

i tried it…still having ctds to some landing challenges…so, i leave it for now…frustrating a bit but…well…i do some other stuff then…thanks for the help