Isn't it time we got a good built-in benchmark?

I always wondered why out of every genre, flight simulators were the only one so reluctant to include an actual static benchmark function so you could dial in settings, compare specs, give people an idea what kind of machine you’d need for certain settings. Seems like every game under the sun these days has one and perhaps MSFS 2024 getting one would be a good idea?

A good benchmarks of performance intense scenes, with a detailed breakdown of framerates, frametimes, hardware usage, temps etc.

Would also help big-name reviewers to include MSFS as a stable benchmark, since it’s a great performance heavy title to test hardware, instead of having to create their own little flight that isn’t 1:1 reproducible every time, which is a big benchmark no-no.

Plus, no more subjective gut-feeling posts of “I think DX12 increased my performance” or “I think these Nvidia drivers made my performance worse”. Just run the benchmark before and after, confirm the numbers and no need for all the doubt and subjectivity.


I get what you’re asking for. Personally, I don’t want Microsobo writing code for anything that isn’t improving the sim itself.

CapFrameX works great. Plus, it will analyze performance of other games I play (I know…SACRILEGE!)

This subject was talked to death last year (or was it the year before).

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Please use search…

Built in Benchmark - Microsoft Flight Simulator / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


To be fair to OP, this thread is about MSFS 2024, the topic linked above refers to current version (and is a wish list item with a bit over 100 votes). Nothing was discussed to death there, just people offering (different) opinions.
My opinion: yes, we need a built-in benchmark, many games have them and they are a great starting point for tuning / problem reporting.

One would hope that Asobo does their internal performance testing using some standard / typical scenarios, they could just hammer together a quick and dirty interface for that and spit out system hardware info and 2 or 3 numbers related to fps, cpu and gpu performance / limitations and we´re good. Noting fancy needed.

It would make hardware reviewers life much easier and provide some starting point to performance related questions every time a new update (seems to) “tank” someone´s performance.

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A benchmark or benchmarks that all 3rd party products have to pass on inclusion and after updates is what this sim needs most - otherwise we’ll eventually end up with too much performance sapping abandonware

That wasn’t the thread I was referring to. It was talked to death in another thread. I remember it because I took part in it.

Not sure what relevance the version of the sim has to be honest. Your reasoning for why you think a benchmark is needed was also discussed.

I am of course assuming the thread I was referring to is still available (I havent checked)


Looking at the current posts in the SU15 beta forum area I find it’s very obvious the next sim requires a simple in flight benchmark, one that uses a basic graphics preset over the same area with the exact same weather and flight plan.

The real issue with the way people are currently reporting performance is very dated, there are some experiencing great performance whilst others find it unacceptable. A uniform benchmark, which can be used as the Sim updates get released, is the only way to really see whether performance is on the up or down.

It used to be common practice in games to include a simple benchmark, if any game today needs one it’s this/MSFS2024.



Just throwing my weight behind this suggestion as well. I’ve ran 3 benchmarks on different modern games just today and they’re incredibly helpful. MSFS could benefit the most from one