Issue AP


Running PC
I9 11900
Aorus Z590 motherboard
32GB ram
Geoforce RTX 3090Ti
3TB SSD storage

Trying to go from London City in a A320 Neo to Paris Charls airport using AP
I took off and all fine, switched AP on and responded to ATC all the way
All looks good and final turn happend automatic, howver it maintains height and flies past the airport runway then turns around and continues to go around in circles …does not land why ??
Something not clicked, switched on ??
I can switch off AP and try and land myself, which I would once my devices are up and running

Please advise as new to this

AP is not meant to bring you down on the runway.

By the sounds of it (where you stated it flys over the runway then circles) it got to the end of the procedure and entered the holding pattern.

Which type of approach were you doing? (ILS / RNAV), did you enter approach mode on the GPS before you got to the final approach fix (FaF) and were you at the correct altitude for the approach?

Which airport / runway?

Thanks but did a major error with me not understanding how to proceed…
I have looked at what you said and notice my mistakes
Will have another go
Appreciate it

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