Issue in West Norway (only here, map in topic)- black screen, GPU fans 100

Problem since SU5

Community folder - empty
New GPU drivers ( 2080s) not overclocked
CPU - i5 9600KF and RAM not overclocked

I have weird issue in West Norway since SU5. On some areas, my screen goes black and GPU fans starts spin with 100% speed. It happend only with ultra settings and terrain shadows 2048.

When I start ENOV airport (defult airport) it happen after 10-60seconds.

When I fly from Bergen to the North to ENOV it will happend again after 10-20Nm from Bergen.

With terrain shadows 1024 - there is no problem.

It happen only in West Norway. I fly in all Europe, US and I don’t have any problems.


Can enyone check ENOV with ultra and terrain shadows 2048? Thank You.