Issue when connected to Wifi/Ethernet

Could anyone please point me in the right direction, my simulator has a shutter every 2/3 seconds when connected to wifi or ethernet. This happens even when I am just on the menu pages and not flying. Has anybody else had this issue and what did you do to resolve?

I’m trying to understand your post.

I can’t understand because I am always on the wi-fi/ethernet. Cannot run FS2020 without the wi-fi/ethernet connection.

Search for “stutters” and see if there is a solution.

Yeah so I launch with the internet connected but use the Hangar to test shutter issues. Once in the hangar I remove the ethernet cable or wifi connection and all shutter goes. I have sky fibre broadband so wondered if there was something blocking it.

That is neat.
I went to the hanger.
Shut down my Wi-fi.
Got this screen:

Clicked OK.
And flew via my PC only.

There wasn’t any different from my previous flying.
Granted, I know the 8G of “Rolling Cache” was working. (I assume)

But it did give me the knowledge that I can still fly even when the
internet or MS Servers are down.

Back to your Question.

I would not think it is from your ISP - Sky Fibre.
If the stutters are coming due to Sky Fibre, then you would see the
stutters on Chrome or MS browser.

The stutters are from the MS “Cloud” Servers or the ASOBO FS2020 servers.
I think.

Could be an indication you have intermittent connectivity to XBox Live servers.

My suggestion would be to log out of XBox Live and log back in. This might clear your connection.

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