Issue when loading a flight plan

Hi all,

I just tried to load from the world map a flight plan (.pln) generated with SimBrief but the error “getidlistname() failed” is returned and FS20 crashes. Note that I reproduced the issue on both and

I did not find find any topic on this error, any idea where it could come from?

Attached .pln:
EDDMEGLL_MFS_29Sep20.pln (12.9 KB)

I actually found the root cause, FS20 is crashing when loading from a drive other than c.

My FS20 is installed on my d drive, I’ve created a folder on this d drive where I stored also my .pln flight plans. When loading the flight plans from the d drive, FS20 crashes, when loading from the c drive, it is working as expected.

I’m having a similar issue - when i import a .PLN file in MSFS i can move the mouse around and highlight buttons etc but they are all unresponsive.

I also have FS on drive D: