Issue with graphic card

its that these relation to SU10beta where users started to report the popup, which was my only hope for affected users.

But what we just not know is, whether this popup realy catch an “system issue” or whether the issue is caused from a change in the software. But against the sofware issue is the point, that so many users not see that error-popup. A specific system configuration can be of course also cause it, but not sure …

If you have warrenty, you can let switch the card… may be it helps… but currently we are not 100% sure about the root cause :frowning:


yes i know, and all tests they asked were succesfull so the card or hardware doesn’t look like having an issue, that’s right…

Reply from Asobo from another thread…current this morning:


@ BravoMike472413

Did you ever try the tool: Intelligent standby list cleaner?
I`m not sure, but i think it helps a little bit with our problem…

Intelligent standby list cleaner

I can not recommend such auto-memory cleaners. We have reports where exactly this cause issues.

The OS handle all the memory by itself and in special with 32GIG RAM there is no need for such a tool. In very old ages it was a trick to empty the memory before you start a game, but in this ages we not spoke about Gigabyes RAM :wink:

Also the error-popup points to the GPU and not to the amount of system memory.

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Are they any news about this issue ?
On my side, i have two cases opened, one for Nvidia, one for MSFS, both have answered, MSFS only one answer asking to set HAGS OFF (already OFF) and nothing else, Nvidia did a lot tests and logs etc… but now silent…

And for me, no more MSFS, waiting for some solution …

only a new big guess, because a other user report:

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hope they will find something, here what happens during download of canada

some news…

Asobo took my case and proposed many things to do, revert to vanilla state but they agreed that i was already at vanilla, then logs, diags, then kill or prevent many programs to run in backgournd like MSI Afterburner, messenger, LG Hub, etc…

So i did, i killed also in addition all tasks left i the task manager as backgound and for all not needed progams…

and i did many tries of flight but always the same error

waiting some news from them now…

i don’t think i can be more vanilla than were i am now !

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I don’t mean to provide you an universal solution. I’m just trying to isolate the issue. Do you have a Vsync ON or an fps cap in drivers ? At the error display moment, I would like to know if your GPU was running at full speed when loading (E.g. several hundred of fps), or if it was limited.
That don’t excuse the bug, just wanna know if this could be the trigger.

No problem, i am interested in any kind of ideas…

In Nvidia driver GRD 517.48 :

  • VSYNC : for MSFS Global setting, and global setting says : use 3D app setting, and in MSFS it was ON with 50%
  • for all the flight GPU was at about 25%, FPS were limited at 30 (displayed by MSFS dev mode)
  • and CPU were at about 50%
  • temps also were at 60° for CPU and 40 for GPU

i have a log from GPUz which i sent to Nvidia also showing that.

my MSFS settings for this last test were a bit high, but non VR, so DLSS Ultimate -highest level), AMD 180, Vsync ON, Frame rate 50%, DX11, TLOD 300, and all ULTRA… in order to stress a little bit the components

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i have some fyi info, not any solution but …
i saw some pics of msi afterburner so i thought i would give my experience with it and su10

in the su10 beta, using afterburner for the onscreen display caused InstaCrash in the game - note i had never before had any issue with this app
Then after the new nvidia driver came out afterburner appeared to work again, Untill … i tried using a second window (experimental stuff) and again i had an instacrash to desktop (this is repetative and consistant)

even though i dont normally use the multi-window stuff i have given up afterburner untill, hopefully, they update it (it may cause instability imo)
these latest drivers may be more finicky than before with any outside apps

thks also, but i have removed all these apps, afterburner and many others running in background, on request from Asobo, and i still get the crash
i think my system is a full vanilla, MSFS but also windows

I thought we are at vanilla win11. All these tools are known troublemakers and therefore I in special asked you that your system was vanilla after re-install :wink:

But I also assume its somewhat else… its hard to say, we tried lot. ( I hope you realy tried to made a test with disabled xmp mode in bios ). May if you have time you can check my guess about the “GFSDK_Aftermath_Lib.x64.dll” ( I assume you have a backup from older version :wink: ). But its may be also only a low chance that it will help ( at least because I have the same dll as you, just another gpu 2080ti , and still not one single CTD ).

I have an A-XMP Profile 1 in the bios… should i set it to nothing ?

yes yes… try without xmp :slight_smile: Its a test, nothing else… but these can have also an effect, therefore is the test so important. You should can see the difference in Taskmanager memory tab, there is then e.g. 2666 where you now have may be 3200/3600 ?

And also recheck, that you had HAGS disabled in win11 ( its default on in win11 , but hige trouble maker )

ok done


and A-XMP

2400 now instead of 3200 before… :disappointed_relieved:

edit : but still flying, Pyreneos now, and now Ibiza… looks quite good, now noth algeria… ok i can test VR soon

if its persist, then it was the RAM xmp mode ( all goes through the memory ) , or did you changed HAGS off and xmp mode in one step ?

You can try then manual increasment of frequency , without usage of xmp-profiles, but you need bit experiance here because you can not only increase the frequency parameter… At least 2666 should be possible without problems. You can also open Cpu-Z tool and show us the SPD profiles, may be there are other ones.

No, HAGS was already OFF since the start, so the only change here is the memory frequency

For SPD is that what u want to see ?

stil flying over Tunisia now :slight_smile:

and loads still reasonable

for these settings


Several hours flight non VR without any issue

And about 1 hour flight VR with quite high settings and correct load, not good quality but VR take hours to tune quality, and the most important NO CRASH !!!

There is something related to this XMP setting for sure…

But an issue is that when i quit, i click on the last YES to quit MSFS and it doesn’t quit, it stays as is, i have to kill the task.