Issue with graphic card

that sounds good… I realy thought you noticed my comments about XMP mode some days ago :roll_eyes: :laughing:
Lots of users are not aware that the RAM is also relevant for that kind of error messages.

What I would recommend now:
fly some days with the current RAM setting. In special also with your settings you want to have, where you get not stutters, etc.

If you no longer see that message after some days with your setting, then we have the final Root-Cause.

You can also try then a more faster profile, but realy only if all works fine with the 2400’er.

I assume its the “JEDEC #8” profile what’s currently choosen. JEDEC means standart, no OC etc. …
You can see the current values within the “memory” tab of cpu-z.
We also see there are two XMP profiles and you choosen former the profile 1 : 3200. If that not works stable, you can then try the profile 2 , which is in your case seemingly more safe profile ( freqency wise ). All others needs manual settings, which you can try - but I not recommend that if you unsure what you do. Also note, that the little performance beneffit might the “stress” not worth :slight_smile:

These “freeze” when you exit MSFS is a different topic and I remember some reports and also noticed that some times, but very rare. As example I remember this topic short while ago:

I agree that trying to boost memeory, first i don’t have the needed knowledge, and second not sure also that the beneifts will be in line with the efforts and risks…

But i don’t clearly understand as i bought this memory “HyperX FURY HX432C16FB4K2/32 module de mémoire 32 Go 2 x 16 Go DDR4 3200 MHz” which says 3200 Mhz but apparently its “only” a max speed possible, and in fact i can use it safely at 2400 only, or slightly more but 3200 is difficult to reach

And for the other issue regarding the kill of MSFS at the end, i will read that post…

thats a wide topic :slight_smile: … JEDEC is the standard and all above is OC ( easy sayd ). If you use XMP profiles, depend on what kind of CPU you own you also OC the CPUs memory controller. Also the mainboard plays a role here, therefore are QVL lists from mainboard manufacator which listed RAM which should run fine in generally and or in xmp mode.

Usually XMP mode, if its mentioned in that QVL list, should run without problems, but its never guaranteed - just depends on your whole system. At least users should that allways have in mind. Therefore lots of users in forum done a manually setting where the RAM speed is slightly reduced.

The beneffit of faster RAM speed depends on the application and how it works… from 2666-3200 are may be 0-10fps possbile. About MSFS I dont know. I own very “conservative” RAM, because I like stability :slight_smile: ( my xmp-profile is same as the fastest JEDEC profile ).


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Here i just installed the last SDK and now it seems able to close normally…

edit : but not always… even not often …

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