Issue with Logitech Panels

I just installed Logitech Instrument Panel but, they are not recognized by MSFS 2020 (i.e. not working). I then tested same on X-Plane and they seem to work fine.

Also Radio, Switch and Multi Panel sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

Does anybody encountered similar issue and possible solution (if any)?


Are you using their MSFS driver?

Not much help I’m afraid but I have the same problem since I had to install MSFS again (on guidance from Zendesk) on a different drive after the App crashed.

I have the MSFS plugin installed.

If I run the Panel test software the panels respond and I can use them with x-plane so there is no hardware issue.

I suspect there is a software clash due to files still remaining on my original SSD but I have no idea of how to check or cure.

Let me try re-installing driver.

Update: Re-installing Logitech Plugin (overwrite) + Windows restart fixed the issue (at least for now).

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Ah! sucks. It stopped working again. Tested with X-Plane and worked well. Not sure what the issue is. Microsoft/Logitech need to fix this :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve noticed that with my Logitech setup, every once in a while, especially after the computer has gone through a sleep cycle, I have to unplug and plug back in the USB connections. Currently, I have 6 FIPs, connected to one USB hub and on another USB hub are two radio panels, the switch panel, multi panel, yoke, rudder and throttle controls. Using USB extension cables to the hubs helps with having to reset them.

Can you tell me what drivers you are using.