Issue with scenery parts loading during game after flying a while

Good evening, i was wondering if anyone shares the same issue with me or can help me out. Recently (maybe after some update) everytime when i arrive to my destination airport, i notice an fps drop and some parts of the scenery not fully loaded, i attach a picture i took as an example . Does anyone have an idea why is this happening? i didnt had such issue before and i didnt manipulated anything.

Same here. Maybe it’s an issue on the server side?

forgot to mention, i dont play online, i only have turned on Live traffic and weather.

Hi @ThinkBobcat8206,
When you say you play off-line, do you mean you have MSFS set in a global “off-line”? If so, this why you’ll not get any scenery. All Bing Word Data & Photogrammetry is pulled down from the cloud as you fly.

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Not quiet sure @Hester40MT , what i have turned live is weather, didn’t knew that scenery was pulled from any cloud, but until recently i didn’t had such issue, i will take a look when im able to enter MSFS

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Duh! it was exactly that, i had the option turned off somehow… plus i never adventured that much in options to even know it existed. Thank you!

Awesome! Just a heads up… if your internet drops while playing OR for some reason the content server can not be reached, ISP to the server, those may auto switch off so that it allows you to continuing playing. When the connection is restored, that does not auto switch on. You’ll have to manually do it.

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