Issue with USB port crashing in VR

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No matter if I use add ons or not

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with or without, same issue

Brief description of the issue:
When I am about to start taxying or about that time I suddenly see a disconnection from my wireless USB mouse & keyboard. This triggers a SIM freeze. But this disconnection only happens with MSFS 2020 in VR mode

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:
Frozen SIM, sometimes it comes back after a few minutes

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
I start the sim, I enter VR and after a few minutes the USB disconnects (I can hear the noise) and the sim freezes, if I reconnect the USB key the SIM comes back after a few minutes. No matter which port I use it always crashes mouse and keyboard. This wasnt happening before, same hardware, same drivers.

That sounds like the Ryzen USB dropout issue.

…i heard so much…
I have send my New PC back (AMD Ryzen …) to the shop and switch back to Intel …10900k…
too many issues regarding USB with AMD
I dont spend 4200$ to additionally "tweak, disable (PCie4 in Bios) , buy new Pci Cards, Usb Hubs, crawl behind my PC under the desk “plugging &unplugging” ( with 57 Years) to have 2% more Cpu Performance…

Never more … AMD for the next 10 years…
My old Intel 7700k is still having not even ONE ISSUE regarding "disconnect or any other “Crash” Issues.

But I have Intel CoffeLake and I9900FK, no Ryzen at all… :frowning:

Also only happening in MSFS and when I use VR…