Issues "after" the emergency patch

I have seen the exact same thing.

For me SU5 was a huge performance upgrade for VR. But the hotfix killed it. Now the graphics are terrible. Every edge shimmers and the colours are very washed out.
SU5 let me turn up the graphics settings without getting stuttering, Now I am getting stuttering with those settings and it looks terrible. turning down the settings gets rid of the stutters, but the graphics are reminding me of the 90’s.
I hope it gets fixed.

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I’m still getting CTD all the time, even after the HF and nothing in Community. Hadn’t had a CTD since the initial release and now this mega update downgrade back to alpha quality. Sad sad days, wishing Adobo team can get this sorted asap so we can all be back in skies.

My issues have been with the forced console like changes and one ctd when clicking fly and the FBW 320, no problems since then. FWIW I have a feeling the extra performance many have noticed and the ctd’s are not a coincidence as perhaps there are some systems that are being exposed as not completely stable.

I saw on another thread someone saying that as he was using xmp for the RAM then this would make it stable, this isn’t really the case as xmp profiles overclock the memory and pump more voltage through it to achieve this. The jedec standard DDR4 speeds/volts are 2133/1.2v so anything using XMP is overclocked as I understand it.

First, some people have no business overclocking because they do not know what they are doing and second, they try to do it on a retail machine that uses OEM components, the cheapest they can find. Second, they do not stress their system like they should, using a real commercial quality stress utility that would make MSFS look like child’s play in terms of stress.
If you buy brand name RAM that it is rated for 3200 as an example, then use XMP to take advantage of that. Some people try to go beyond that and that is why they have crashes. RAM is the one thing I do not OC, and I have been doing this for years.
CPU’s are being sold “unlocked” so people can OC and Intel themselves have a utility designed just for that. It is ok to OC items that are designed and sold as OC.
I only use the best, hand picked components on my PCs.
One more thing, there is a lot of counterfeit PC components flooding the market, and I believe it was Gamers Nexus that did an expose, where parts are having the labels replaced so you are not getting the product you paid for. Even some PC manufacturers are falling for this.
I ran a 12 HRS stress test on my PC and that was enough for me to know that there is no software in the world that could make it crash except for poorly written code.
Don’t forget the “silicon lottery” factor. Same brand, same components, different results. I had CPUs that would not OC, others, same type, brand, would and with very low temps. You have to be lucky. and that is why a good stress test is so important.
Asobo managed to turned our thousands $$$ PCs into a cheap Xbox, so overclocking doesn’t even matter anymore.

I have NOT been able to get past the FLY stage, click FLY the next screen shows the progress of the blue bar which moves normally to 85-90%, crawls to 100% in about 10-15 mins, and then no next segment which should be the cockpit.

Tried everything, deleted the community folder, uninstall/reinstalled, all Windows Updates, Store Updates, nothing pending.

This has been a very disappointing upgrade, which there was a way to downgrade to the previous functional version.

Mine has seen a good deal of improvements since the update; I don’t monitor fps, but do notice no stutters in all ac and even at bigger fields.

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