Issues created after WU6 update

Interesting challenges/bugs created after last update…namely…

  1. Multi story buildings cropping up all over the place.
  2. Unable to use World Map to plan flights
  3. Pop ins still occurring…all settings on Ultra
  4. G1000NXI update is free…so just had to delete and install v0.4.1…no complaints as this was duly noted as being a very early Beta…and the blokes at WT are doing a great job…shame that can’t be said about Asobo…I would give them a “Fair” at best.
  5. CTD’s…now occurring more frequently in my situation since WU6…I will put this down to add on’s and give MSFS the benefit of the doubt…however without those add on’s I wouldn’t bother with this game.
  6. Aircraft become uncontrollable after selecting AP whilst flying…namely the Baron G58…
  7. G1000 bugs…(being solved by…guess who… WT…thank goodness for them)

This product, regretfully has not, lived up to any where near the advertised hype.
Yes, it has pretty scenery, some of the time…as long as you ignore the “spikes”, underwater bridges, underwater ferry terminals, underwater marinas, multi story buildings appearing and disappearing,etc etc.

Let’s not mention the accuracy of the flight models…which again, come nowhere near the original advertised product. Without the 3rd party mods, this game would be languishing in the recycle bin.

I am obviously in the minority, but as I’m old school, wrong side of 60, I am getting very tried of manufacturers adverting one thing and selling a product far inferior to the advertised one.
What can I do about it? …absolutely nothing!!! Just get the steam off my chest .
Why did I bother posting this?..I have just completed a flight, with a bunch of mates on line, across the Czech republic and Germany…that is where these challenges surfaced.

NOT necessarily!


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I just completed a flight using the stock Baron G58 (without any mods) with the WT G1000 NXi. Had a perfect flight with AP on a rather demanding Rnp X Rwy 20 approach into MGGT.

Not sure what was causing your Baron G58 AP problems.

Yes… I also have had successful flights in the baron…regretfully, in this instance it turned to, shall we say, dog doodies…it has happened in the past …but, by no means every flight.
This was , just one of the challenges I faced on this excursion. But thank you for your response. Just for the record, one of our fellow “pilots” has also had this happen on a number of occasions, with this aircraft.

Not a minority at all but actually quite a large number of people THEY would like to silence as this forum is, and I quote “A happy place for happy people & not meant for those with an axe to grind” stated by a moderator yesterday


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Nevertheless thank you for your feedback @WobblyDuck3467 .