Issues during climbing and descending with the PFD-display in FBWA320neo

Since a few days (also before the update) by flying the FBW A320 the speed indicator in the PFD display suddenly goes down to zero during the climbing phase. This happens around 8000 feet. Some thousand feet later the speed indicator comes back to normal behaviour. But at first the speed inceases to 340 kt (overspeed!) and then falls to normal climbing speed 290 kt. This behaviour happens also during the descending phase. The true speed is always correct. Only the speed indicator doesn’t work correctly. No issues during the cruise phase. Is there anyone who has the same problem or can somebody tell me how this problem can be fixed? Many thanks in advance for an answer.

It looks like an ice effect, did you go through clouds while it happened?

Yes, I do.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: in the A320 FBW ice efeect is simulated well, if it happens again activate the de-icing systems on the top panel :wink:

I did it when I get the icing warning. Have I to activate the de-iciing before staring?

I mean ‘starting’

Only if you enter the clouds, when the Ice alarm sounds its too late… and it could happen what happened to you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On the A320 pitot heat is automatic, no need to turn it on.

Don’t know about the FBW A320, but on the default one you incorrectly need to switch the pitot heat on to be active.

I will try it. Thanks for your support.

Not in the real A320.

I don’t know if those of FBW have yet arrived,
I always had to turn it on to manually to solve problems :thinking:

yes sure, I took it for granted :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But why exists this problem since one week? Before there were no such problem.

However you were right for the A320 PFD, I couldn’t see anything because I had the monitor set badly :joy: :joy: :joy:
however I remember that the VLS had a green dot that appeared in full flap , perhaps somewhere in the old FSX… :thinking:


I moved your topic to
because your issues targets the FBW Airbus.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: I don’t think so, I can’t tell you from which version but it’s been a while since the ice effect is present,
then it also depends on what settings you have in the game, if you want you can completely remove the effect, I think

I often use Rex Weather. In this week I used more Live weather of SIM. Can this be the reason for my problem?

Are you sure? The green dot indicates the minimum drag speed and should only appear with the flap lever in the 0 position.

Yes, it was in the “old” FSX, I had downloaded the whole AIRBUS series from a 3-manufacturer, maybe Aerosoft, I don’t remember …
but on the PFD you had this indication, very clear, I thought the real plane indicated it like this (that version also had a custom FMC, rudimentary but worked great)
It doesn’t matter, the A320 FBW is still a gem, I’m curious to see if any other manufacturer will put the whole series on sale :drooling_face:
Despite the bugs FS2020 is the future, there is no turning back :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It seems so that Live Weather of the Sim is causimg my problem with the speed indicator crash. When I fly with Rex Weather I have not this problem. It’s very funny.
I tried also the Live Weather of the Sim with activating the de-icing before I reached the clouds. But it didn’t help. Also a crash of the speed indicator in the PFD.
When there is no other solution I fly better with Rex Weather. At least with the FBW A320. With other airplanes I have not this problem.
Many thanks for your support.