Issues once landed

Flight after flight recently I tune into “ground” as instructed on the ATC only to have the options to Taxi for takeoff rather than taxi to parking/gates meaning when I shutdown battery/engines like normally the flight doesn’t come to an end and my log book remains empty of landings :frowning:

Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong ?!

It’s ashame it is creating logbook issues, otherwise just don’t use the ATC system there is nothing realistic about it anyway. I have noticed the same ATC issue, haven’t checked the logbook as I’m not using that anyway. I will check next time.

I’d have no idea where to park if I didnt, lol

I noticed that most of the time when directed towards General Aviation Parking or to the gates, there will be a spot somewhere with an NPC in a pushback vehicle with another NPC standing right next to him with marshalling lights. This NPC will actually respond to your arrival and direct you towards him until he shows the engine cutoff signal. So far, whenever I land somewhere and I spot them, that’s where I can shut off the plane and have the end screen appear.

What I do, after contacting ground and being directed to parking, is go to drone mode and just scout the airport for them. Since I usually have no clue which one of the GAP’s is the one I’m supposed to go (taxi instructions are rather vague at times).

Unfortunately though, they do not always appear. If so, I just park right up to an idle pushback cart NPC when available and hope it will trigger the end screen then. It often does, with an occasional unfortunate exception.

Btw, I’m not sure if it is of any influence, but I try to follow the assisted checklist as much as possible including shutdown (if included). I can imagine that it indirectly lets the game know you’re finishing your flight. But I never tested this.

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Yeh, sometimes I notice the pushback vehicle and ramp etc… which once there you can request luggage, jetway etc…
Perhaps I am shutting down too fast before he shows the shut off signal - will take a look on the next flight. Thanks