Issues Reinstalling DVD version - Product key Already Used

I am blocked. I have to re-installed the cd version on my computor. When I enter the code, the message told me it`s already used. What can I do… I cant use anymore the program that I paid for. Is anybody know what I have to do…thx

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This article may offer some help:

Thx. Alter the installation, when I open the simulator, only 2 planes in the garage. Why is that.? I went to content manager , and i was able to have few more but not all of them…what can I do to find all the planes missing…also…why is the community address is different in the CD version than the streaming version. It could be so simple…:scream_cat:

At the top of each page in the forum is the “Support” heading.
In there, do a search for “only two aircraft in hangar”.
I believe that may contain your solution!

Problem solved …thank You

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I have MS Flight Sim (downloaded 11 Jan 2021). When started up today, there was an auto-update of 1.43GB which failed 3 times after downloading 1.3GB. This happened 4 times so no update. Then I couldn’t escape from that to the game and a warning window appeared saying if cancelled the download the program would be uninstalled. This has happened and I now do not have the program. When I check my MS account it reports that the Product Key has been redeemed (which is true). I need to find a way to reinstall the program with a download again. Can anyone help, please? I’ve installed other stuff before from within the game with no problem. This happened on the load-up screen and offered no help.

See if this linked article helps.

Let us know!

Thanks for your interest. My post was rejected by the community (whatever that is and means) so I haven’t got any further apart from pasting a fault request on the zen site. Don’t know if anyone looks at those. All seems a bit hit and miss if I’m honest. My impression was that updates would only take place when the program loaded and you authorised specifically. I had no choice with this and I’m not even sure what the update was Bottom line is FS has disappeared from my PC and I don’t seem to have a method of reinstalling. Maybe Steam would’ve been better! M

@TatteredAtom658 Did you look carefully at the article linked in this post?
(I am assuming you purchased a dvd version of the sim)

I had à DVD version. But ,for installing a second time, you have to do by steaming. After that, go to the content manager, click ALL and dowload all. Then, you will find all your planes.You also have to dowload the last up date 3, UK and Ireland. You have work for a week end.:grinning::partying_face:

I am so glad you are sorted :smiley: My post was for the attention of @TatteredAtom658

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I suspected that might happen, but I thought I could at least try to respond!

Yes you can still install it.
It doesn’t matter how many times, or how many PC’s or devices you install it on.
The catch is you can only be using one of them at a time with your name.

If you are having issues doing that, this is a link to the guide:

You aren’t alone, all the updates are mandatory!
No, Steam is no better, just another different layer too add to the mix.

If you are still having issues, let us know.

Thank you so much. I’m now reinstalling the program. Pity my email via MicroSoft Store seeking help didn’t get me anywhere! Your info has solved a seemingly impenetrable jungle of info and mis-info. I have learned a lot through this process though - every cloud has a silver lining! Don’t know who or where you are but I’d willingly buy you a drink if I could. Thanks again.

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I am so glad that both @TatteredAtom658 and @FinJulietLima now have their issues sorted.


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