Issues trying to install MSFS

I have MSFS through the Microsoft Store and when attempting to install it shows that there is no where for it to install. Even trying to install through the Xbox app shows the same issue. I was able to install other games from the Microsoft store. Idk what to do, as it attempted to reset stuff but it still no good

Hi @DeltaAirOne,
I’ve moved your topic into #bugs-and-issues:performance for installation problems.

Are you using the MS Store app to change the location of the install via Windows 10 Storage "Change where new content is installed)? Or are you trying to select a install location from the MSFS installer?

I haven’t changed the location from when it was originally installed. It won’t even show a location option

Are you able to click on “Install” from the MS Store app for MSFS?

Yes, but it won’t show that’s it’s installing. If I click the more options (•••) it will show a location, and when checking the box, it shows install now, and after clicking, it says “Thank You! We’re attempting to install on your selected device(s)” and again shows no attempt in installing

Do you have the Xbox app installed? If so, make sure it’s signed into the same account you used to buy MSFS.

One other thing to check, is if the MS Store has any updates. The Store should also download “Gaming Services” and “Digital Ownership”.

Yes I have the Xbox installer. And game services is downloaded. I updated everything in the store earlier when trying to troubleshoot