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Not sure this is the best category for this, but anyhow. Pretty new to the game. Playing on pc with vkb t rudder pedals. I have an issue that may be just me, but I cannot for the life of me get brakes to work with any input. Mostly been trying on the Cessna 152 (maybe I need to try something else). I tried to bind both brake axis to the brake lever on my VKB gunfighter ultimate. It appears to function in settings (I see the white meter move), but my plane does not slow down. So I figured Id try to use the default keyboard settings. They do not work. The plane wont slow. I remapped them to new keys…nothing. I’m so confused. Is there a way to activate the brakes in plane with the mouse so I can test? Am I doing something dumb?

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Ensure you have no double bindings.

If using brake buttons unbind all axes. If using the brake lever unbind the rudder’s virtual toe brakes, if using the virtual toe brakes unbind the brake lever.

Ideal setup for your hardware would be to link the rudder into the stick’s black box and then couple the rudder’s virtual toe brakes to the brake lever (you can also use vJoy and Joystick Gremlin to similar effect). In such case you would only bind the rudder’s toe brakes.

Also, are the toe brakes in the plane’s cockpit moving?

They are not moving in the cockpit as far as I can tell. I never set up virtual toe brakes? How would I unbind them?

Also I cannot plug the rudder pedal into the black box per vkb if I am using the gunfighter ultimate with twist adapter since there are too many axis’ for windows. I tried and the rudders will not work so I need to use a second black box. The only workaround is locking out twist and flashing the stick with the firmware for the non twist which i dont want to do.

The toe brakes are Z and Y rotation on the rudder iirc, but if you haven’t set them they probably aren’t set at anything. It’s possible you are experiencing the bug (or one of the bugs?) that’s causing dysfunctional control profiles.

For what it’s worth I have used single lever to both brake axes in the past and there were no issues.

What happens if you make entirely new blank profile for the stick and then try assign left and right brake buttons to it? If that works how about the axes?

As for the black box firmware, sounds like VKB needs to update it. The Gladiator firmware can handle up to 20 axes in comparison. These pedals are really made lot better with the brake lever coupling

Ok when I get home I will try removing any double bindings first and then I will try a new profile and see if those work.

Id love to use virtual toe brakes but at this point I really dont care about anything but just being able to stop the plane haha.

Finally figured it out. So I took all brake bindings off every peripheral to ensure no double bindings. Only thing on was parking brake but that always worked so no issue. Tried to map brakes to keyboard, no go. Brake axis to brake lever on stick…nope, nothing. Ready to give up I noticed when pressing the brake lever the parking brake would jiggle slightly. Seemed very weird so I removed all bindings for parking brake. And magically brakes work now on everything. Lever, keyboard, throttle. I will never set the parking brake to anything ever again haha. Mouse only. Thanks for everyone’s help.

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