Issues with Kodiak 100 prop lever and condition lever

When I load the Kodiak, my prop lever and condition lever vibrate and move up and down by themselves? I am sure it’s a settings issue? I have a saitek flight yoke throttle quadrant. Can someone help me?

It could be.
From the sim Welcome Screen:
Assistance Options:
Aircraft Settings:
Ensure AutoMixture is off.
In Piloting,
Assisted Takeoff and Assisted Landing should be off

When you have a plane loaded, from the toolbar,
Flight Assistant Icon:
AI Piloting turn to Off.

Check the sensitivity settings for the axes. If there is noise coming from the TQ then you can eliminate this by setting a small extremity deadzone.

I agree with @AlpineB4652 about the potential noise issue.

Lately my Thrustmaster 16000M joystick has been kicking full rudder deflection. On the ground, the pedals dance and the aircraft I am in can veer wildly during taxi. Just this morning it quite nearly caused a crash on final approach.

(In my case setting a deadzone won’t help.)

Noise from potentiometers is an issue. Better to use controllers with Hall Effect sensors that do not suffer from noisy pots. (Mine uses a pot for the Z axis, which is where I’m having the issue.)

Try a search using this phrase: saitek pro flight yoke potentiometer

You’ll get a Motherlode of good information on how to address the problem. Good luck, and happy landings! :slight_smile:

Also, I would say that the condition axis isn’t really an axis - there are only 3 positions and I’ve noticed in the Kodiak it doesn’t slot neatly from cut-off to the low-idle detent when using an axis control input, and it can vibrate a little as it sits around the low-idle detent.

It isn’t much of an issue as: a) you hardly need to have it in low idle (taxing) and b) you can always use the mouse to make a fine adjustment the position of the lever in the virtual cockpit so it sits in the detent.

What you definitely don’t want is to have both buttons to set the condition lever positions and an axis. It will cause conflicts and will result in the lever going back to cut-off at a bad moment, like just before landing (there is wreckage of a Kodiak at the threshold of runway 24 in Edinburgh that is proof of what can happen…)

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Can you show a movie clip of it? That might help. Is the input also going up and down when you are in the controls menu? Then it is probably noise from the controller that might need cleaning.

I have a Saitek throttle as well, and there is always a bit noise vibration. On my own control application (EasyControls, check the forum) I use some averaging to cancel the noise a bit.

thanks will do

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Thanks will try…some of the jargon I don’t understand re: cleaning etc…but will keep at it

What that means is some controllers do not return to dead center when released, even though it looks it.
That sends a tiny signal to the sim which then moves the lever.
He is referring to clean the controller’s potentiometer.
The easier way to alleviate that is to use the Extremity Deadzone setting.

What is odd is that I don’t have this issue with my other aircraft…Twin otter for example.

Normally it will happen with any aircraft, odd that it’s just the Kodiak.
It may be a bit more sensitive, I’m not sure.

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tried all sorts of adjustments nothing worked. Using my mouse for condition and prop…

I tried to connect the condition lever to buttons on my Hotas, but it does not work, is it a bug in the Kodiak or in the game?

Is this addon located in your community folder?
If so, have you tried with all other addons removed from the folder?
I have seen addon conflicts cause very similar issues.

Depends - there are now quite a few control options for changing Condition lever position in MSFS. Which did you bind to your buttons? And they work with some peripherals better than others.

If found the ‘increase’ and ‘decrease’ condition would work with the buttons on a Logitech TQ but not very reliably and also caused conflict with the axis so went back to just using the axis.

It could be be aircraft. To test, try your setup with aircraft with a similar condition lever arrangement like the King Air or Grand Caravan and see how the condition lever performs (not the TBM930 or PC-6 which have different logic)