Issues with the 787 - Going crazy!

Definitely. I’ve been flying the PMDG 737 since it came out and most of the airports that I’ve bought on the marketplace cause the avionics to black out.

The bug tends to happen immediately or shortly after loading in, or on short approach to a highly detailed airport. Some of us have found that if the bug happens immediately after loading in, sometimes you can resolve it temporarily by using the restart button to load your flight again. Unfortunately, if it happens on approach, it obviously isn’t a viable workaround to restart a flight that you’re already about to finish, so you’ll just have to live with it. One thing to note is that despite the blank screens, the aircraft an its systems continue to run as they should, so you can still land, taxi in, and shutdown without the aid of avionics.

The worst case scenario with this bug is when it happens immediately after loading in and cannot be resolved by restarting the flight. For example, FlyTampa’s KLAS is one of the most highly detailed airports I own, and it produces black screens in any airliner no matter how many times you reload. It’s impossible to initialize a flight without programming the FMC, so the airport is basically unusable with airliners. Like you said, really irritating.

I hope this information is helpful; let me know if you have any questions. I’m curious, are you on Xbox or PC? I think the bug mostly affects Xbox users but I’ve heard of PC players experiencing it too.

Also, for further reading, here’s one of the threads about this issue: