Issues With WIndows 11, Unable to play MSFS

Yes of course you can but Drive C has always been the default drive for the OS in windows by design and there really is no advantage in trying to buck that trend. In fact, for people who are not that familiar with the intricacies of PC’s, doing so could well be asking for trouble in my opinion.

The aim is to help this guy get his PC and sim working as it should be, not trying to lead him down a path that may come back to bite him later on.

Wow, glad I read this post. Like mentioned, reset PC using an oem USB drive or DVD if you have it. In that process, they will reformat all drives, so make sure you backup everything precious to you.

Apple aint the cure, I have friend, he has to take in his laptop once year to have it fixed, because it gets too messed up to run. If you are mostly windows user over long time, the switch will boggle mind for a while until you do the convert “windows to apple” in your mind. Linux just adds more issues if not familiar with that.

I keep at least 3 extra drives backed up with my stuff, so in cases like this I can restore my files quick.

And I think you are correct, a windows update did something to mine too, several windows programs do now not work like they did before, Windows Media Player for one, but I am living with it because I am not going to restore this for the 4th time in less than month. MS put out a buggy update, hope they figure out what happened and fix it. Nvidia Control Panel is one of the things not working like it did, so making changes to make MSFS work better don’t fly. New Nvidia Driver coming out soon, so hopefully that will be fixed in that update, as they always put newer version in that. I always do clean install.

99% of programmes are optimised for and work best when installed to the same drive as the OS however this doesn’t include the data e.g. packages they access.

For ease I always would recommend install Windows and MSFS to C: and the packages elsewhere (not just a partition on the same drive), preferably on their own fast drive that has it’s page file disabled.

As you have been so good in replying now and in the past, I must reply to you personally. The latest:- I disconnected the secondary Samsung SSD, now is just 2 SSDs connected, the main C: drive Corsair MP600 Pro, the other is a E: is a SSD Sandisk, for Photos, Videos, and File Saves, et. Now, no apps, games, are missing, and all passwords are back. All games and apps are running fine. Must have been some conflict with the Samsung SSD? However, MSFS now starts up, with all the menus and settings, BUT every time I hit the FLY button FS crashes? That is the ONLY sim that I still have a problem with? Thanks for all your help, you have been a very good. Never used to crash, before the Win update?

Everything was working fine for me until the SU10 update. Now the sim won’t launch at all. It goes to the launch screen for a few seconds then vanishes as if I closed it…which I did not.

You just have to keep relaunching it and the sim will start and run. It took me 5 tries this morning before I could actually fly the 1st 4 ended in CTD’s at various points in the game man menu 1 , world screen 3 times.

Its like that old mower engine thats been sitting in the garage forever, you pull the cord and chug chug chug, until everything warms up and the engine catches.

Now the weird thing is that in beta I didnt see nearly as many of these CTD’s as Im seeing in the release. And before the beta I didnt have them at all Whats that about…

I have tried to relaunch 13 times in the last 10 minutes, and it still won’t launch. Every time there’s a new update, I just cringe. I KNOW there’s going to be more issues for me to fight with.

Wait whats it updating? the sim over and over and over again?
Have we restarted modem router? Sorry I dont remember if we covered this. If the sim keeps trying to update over and over again, that sounds like a network/server issue.

Not for steam- You get the "installer files for the update from X-Box Gaming site. Then you, open sim, it then checks for updates, and gets the 15 odd GB’s. If that is successful, then content manager for those updates in there. This is assuming you emptied the community folder prior to all of this. I have Shortcut on desktop, which takes me right to CF, then I just move those files into another folder on Desktop Called MSFS Community Moved-KEEP. Once updates are done, I then reinstall the things which might have new parts and pieces to them, which mostly restores my CF folder. I am going to assume, DC Designs and PMDG have updates on the stuff related to this update. I will check once home. As of NOW, Nvidia has not released the new driver yet, so not in big hurry to try this.