It is recommended to join the refund system or publish the experience version on other websites

Since the refund function has not been opened yet, I suggest that responsible developers should provide an experience version for us to decide whether to buy. Some developers will not tell you what the shortcomings of the product are and what they can’t do. They command to tell you their best part, which makes it difficult for our buyers to measure the value of the product.

In real life, all goods can be seen. We can choose e-commerce shopping. We can refund without any reason within 7 days after receiving the goods, and only guarantee that it will not affect the secondary sales of goods. For the game we buy on steam, you can refund if you don’t like it within the specified time. These methods are standardized. At present, there is no reference to the price of works developed by third parties. They do whatever they want, and the quality is good or bad. We can only take a chance.

Maybe there are some relevant evaluation videos on the network, but it’s obvious that I can’t determine whether the evaluation people have received the benefits of developers. Moreover, everyone has different needs, different aesthetics and different focus. Some people think it’s good and others think it’s bad. This is everyone’s freedom of choice.

Therefore, I suggest opening the limited time refund function, or before that, developers should publish the experience version or beta version on the relevant download website for everyone to experience. Instead of testing internally and claiming that we have completed it, SLC is an example of indefinite delay after the buyer puts forward opinions.

We need transparency and openness. And real freedom of choice. Not luck. Let this market have higher quality, more realistic competition, and make this game more exciting.

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