What? Where is the main airport in Rome? I had to find an airport in the nearest large city (Naples) and fly Northwest until I stumbled on the city of Rome. The country’s most famous city isn’t featured in this game. But I did find the Colesium and Vatican City (I’m American, but I’ve been to Rome and Vatican City in person). I don’t understand MS not featuring Rome’s international airport as a departure or arrival airport. Strange decision.

there is the airport of Rome Fiumicino (LIRF) and then the smaller Ciampino (LIRA)

Yes, I found Ciampino but not Fiumicino. I’ll try again.

On the coast

When in World menu you can also search airports by typing in the icao code i.e. LIRF in the depature airport bar. And it is there i already departet an arrived there.

Both airports are there, and the whole city is in high detail photogrammetry. Same as naples, venice, florence, milan, bari and some more i believe. Italy is very well covered in this sim. One of the better places to fly in europe… So i think there’s something wrong on your end.