Its 18:45 edt here but

Okay new bug, its currently 18:45 eastern here (6:45 for the non technical folks) set up my flight real time real weather blah blah blah. Start at a parking spot 1st time I notice its kinda of dark outside for being 1800 hours. Start running through the checklists start pushback taxi ready to take off, doing a quick browse of the systems making sure were all set then I notice…the clock is telling me that is 23:45 not 18:45.

Restart from flghtplan screen making sure time is set okay 18:40 and a few mins game loads and again its to dark for being 1800 hrs. check the little clock and guess what its 23:50 again. Tried this 3 times and every time the same dam result.

The flight I made at 1400 all was fine except that ground textures were hosed again until I restarted 3 different times, textures are back, flew a quick flight and decided it was working again. Went back to flight planner to start my evening flight and then this started.

Also got the network bandwidth issue again around the 1400 mark. COMON really this is getting out of hand I tell ya what.

There is both a local time AND a UTC time shown on the World Map page where you set up your flight. Unless I am mistaken the 5 hour time difference you mention is the difference between EDT and UTC. Where are you flying and what time zone?

Yeah I know that, I was using live data after I logged off MS Network and restarted the game, 20 min to log back on to MS network and get the game running the time was only off by an hour it said it was 10 eastern when it was actually only 900 eastern. Even in the flight planner. Flying out of Cleveland
to Erie … both are in the Eastern time zone same as me. Curiouser and Curiouser.

I assume that you logged the issue with Asobo seeing you say you can duplicate it.

20 minutes to logon. That is pretty impressively bad, assuming it isn’t hyperbole. And I though Australia was the one with crappy internet!

It takes me 1 minute 48 seconds to get to the main screen then another 28 seconds after clicking “Fly Now” to be flying in Tokyo in the TBM!