It's great that bizjets and avionics are getting the updates they deserve, but what about the airliners and more QoL fixes?

Maybe I’m speaking for the xbox users, but for me personally I’m speaking to those in a small minority who are unable to use the FBW and other similar planes. Thankfully, I can use the PMDG 737 series and I’m grateful for that, but I do fly the standard A320 and proper vnav would be nice.

In particular, managed climb in that aircraft needs some work. Most people I know are thinking just fly FBW, but what about xbox users? What about those people who just don’t want to? We deserve a good managed climb feature to actually manage the climb accurately, at least. It does okay with speed; I’m at the proper mach by cruise. Also, we need proper top of descent because ATC lately has been giving TOD instructions ridiculously late. There are a number of topics on the forum about this so I’ll be the broken record again and say that we need better ATC. Microsoft Azure has hundreds of voices available, yet we only have six voices used worldwide, and they aren’t even used correctly, with pilots and controllers using the same voice very often.

I don’t know how many US American English voices there are, but all of them should be used in the US, for example. There’s probably not many, but with each pilot and controller using one of each voice that should add some variety, even if the number of voices are on the lower end.

Same with the UK and every other region. As long as English voices are available for each region, I say use them. It’s also important to consider the phraseology in different regions as well, helped by their respective voices.

Did we get a sim update schedule with the recent Q&A? I heard a lot about the NZ update, city updates and the WorkingTitle AAU’s, but I’m curious to know whether these AAU’s will be packaged in sim updates along with other QoL fixes.

Just my thoughts on things.

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Personally I feel the emphasis has been on tube flyers for far too long now and I’m glad to see at least some focus on ‘non-30,000 foot aircraft’. I very rarely get above 10,000 feet and since ALL aircraft must spend at least some time below 10,000 feet, I think that that flying environment should get the most attention. Proper readouts in the A320 seem a little much when a detailed study level airbus was just released for free. They should spend time doing something that would serve more people by improving the looks and actions of the lower atmosphere where everybody must spend time.

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