It's just not fun anymore

Ah sorry! - I missunderstood you on that one. Yes sure this could be also a thing. Anyway, the week was fast :smiley:

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That was what I said first place, after SU 5 : the sim is no longer fun.

Leaving aside the pile of issues SU5 left behind, I’m so happy to share the same interest with such a bunch of guys, smart, intelligent, and aware form all over the world, just reading through post after post in this particular topic.

I am still hopeful it will be fun again in a short while.


I want to vomit every time I read about how complex it is. Of course it is complex…but complex is what these people are supposed to be good at. If complex baffles them, then find some people who do complex well or get out of the business of complex. Just more excuses for poor work, IMO.


I think the title of this post resumes everything.

It is my feeling and I am not flying MSFS anymore. Maybe it is still good for VFR flights but flying IFR, Airliner, I am done.

For a fraction of the price I bought another simulator with everything working, airports more updated than this new simulator (seems unbelievable but it is true) and I am back on fun flying.


How did you figure out it was a parking position, and which one it was?

Completely agree with this post title and also with

I was flying FS9 (2004) with PSS Airbus. What made me buy MSFS was the possibility to have all airports around the world updated but not even this is true.

I am also flying another simulator and not MSFS anymore. Probably the same simulator mentioned above and recovery the fun in simulation.

I created a post: Please update navdata on airac cycle date - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums and thought a lot of people would agree and vote but when I shared the link on a discord group people didn’t care about. For online simulation this is mandatory but probably I am the one that is wrong as this is a game and not a simulator ( Is MSFS intended to be a simulator or a game? - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums)

Yeah, they made a huugge mistake choosing NavBlue over Jeppessen.

They do update pretty much on cycle (I think two weeks behind), however. You don’t always notice when they update in game, as it’s a teeny update. They do normally say when it’s updated, though, I’m sure that info gets lost. It would be nice if they put the Airac update dates in the development update so people realize they are doing it.

The problem is, the filtering they do on the data takes a lot out for some reason. Though, things seem to be getting better.

Unfortunatly - trial and error. It is however my main airfiled from where I operate, so alot of trials are easy :slight_smile:

When I started at the hangar position and I came back to the airport the sim crashes when I pressed “return to home” on the logbook popup. When I started on another park position, or direct on the runway I didn’t had that problem.

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Weird…the only app crash I’ve had was due to a freeware mod in the community folder. There has to be a configuration, file or something going on as there are a number of us who have zero issues. Yesterday alone I had it running for 12 hours straight with a number of freeware/payware airports in the US and additional aircraft and not one system crash.

Was it a mod? Which airport?

I develop airports, and I’d like to make sure I’m not introducing this problem.

It is from A small Austrian airfield: Linz Ost, ICAO: LOLO

I am now curious if you can reproduce my findings …

The weird thing was, that it crashed AFTER the flight when returning back to the airfield and then only when I pressed the button to leave the simulation and returning to the main menu.

If I remember correctly, that it did not crash when returning to another airport/airfield…but I could be wrong on that one …

Since it was not that big of a deal i didn’t investigate further into that issue.

Took Austin meyers years to get the flightmodel right, for example. Took P3D 7 years to go from 32 bit to 64 bit, yeah just fire them all and find somebody that builds perfect and bugfree simulators in a few months. Do you even hear yourself? Of course it hasn’t been a smooth ride, of course mistakes were made, but such a statement is just laughable, I’m sorry…


I have had the issue, but, not consistently. It will sometimes crash after I press the button to say yes to return to the main menu. It doesn’t seem to be tied to a parking spot for me, but, I’ll be more careful to watch for that now.

I have a similar issue in Developer mode, too, where, after I close the project and go to exit to the main menu, it crashes.

Weird it crashes on exit to the main menu.

I haven’t had any other CTD’s. I don’t fly the big iron though, which seems to be where the main problems are for people CTD’ing. I wonder if it’s related to the avionics for them?

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Seems plausible, I too don’t fly them and like I said haven’t crashed.


Same for me, fly the DA40 TDI and had CTDs only in this weird single instance. Avoiding it → no CTDs.
I am flying randomly all over the world and also currently a world tour – no CTDs so far. (with about 100 Mods, mainly austrian airfields/airports + DEMs (Europe) + some other scenery MODs like We love VFR region 1 and 2, …)

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Not sure I agree… I think the answer is much more complicated than a statement like the “software is not well engineered.”

The Devs made a huge deal of the number of reference points acting on the airframe compared with the competition for instance yet continues to allow lightning in a cloudless sky ever since release. I know they blame it on the unstable atmospheric conditions of an airmass inherent within the data ported into the sim, but until they find a different way to trigger it why can’t they just turn it off?


Well…and the next SU is far…until there, we have no more to do. And when SU6 finally arrives, guess what? Everything again.
I gave up long flights…I just do some VFR short flights for fun, take a ride. I dont want to spend 6 hours in a flight, looking to my pfd and, suddenly, realize that I am looking at the icons of my desktop

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Absolute nonsense. There are a lot with CTD issues unfortunately, but just as well a lot for who the sim doesn’t CTD.