It's Midnight!

After midnight on the East coast!

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Just started installing! :slight_smile:

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Apparently the steam edition didn’t include the executable LOL. So they can’t download!

Edit: Fixed already.

Indeed it’s littlery only one file of like 200kb

Guess it’s fixed

Me too - just hit install, going to bed and hoping for the best when I wake up.

Uninstall and reinstall, if you had the 256KB issue.

RIP to my discord mods.

Mountain Time Zone: It’s 10 PM and it’s installing! By the way I just right-clicked on the Microsoft Flight Simulator icon and started as an Administrator and the download started smoothly. No “insert disk” error. Downloading at 110 Mbps. Seems reasonable.

Edit: Just passed 4 GB! Others got stuck at 3.6 GB. So far, all looks good.

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Downloading! Hype! If ya’ll wanna join in on some bush flights: I’ll be doing some Seattle and Alaskan bush piloting

Yes. I’m installing to my E: M.2 drive as we speak.

Yes. I chose my E: drive, which is faster and reserved for MSFS, and not the standard C: drive. It just updated the path, I hit “Update”, and the download started. I’m now at 15 GB.

After midnight
We gonna let it all hang down
After midnight
We gonna chugalug and shout
Gonna stimulate some action
We gonna get some satisfaction
We gonna find out what it is all about
After midnight
We gonna let it all hang down

JJ Cale “After Midnight” (1966)

Perfect song for the debut of MSFS!

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