It's taking forever to update the Rolling Cache

Hi! I have a 12 TB hard drive inside my PC and I would like to dedicate all of it to the Rolling Cache. I chose the max size of the Rolling cache to be all 12,288 GB of the 12 TB hard drive. Task Manager shows significant disk activity in Microsoft Flight Simulator and on that hard drive. I’ve had it going for nearly 8 hours now, though. Is there a better way to go about doing this? Thanks!

Allocating 500gb took me 30 minutes on an ssd. If it’s a hard drive it will probably take you quite a while.

I installed a 500Gb Rolling Cache on a 6TB HDD. It took easily 45 minutes so just be patient.

Thanks! I’ll be patient. Are the Rolling Cache and the Manual Cache different? Can I have the Rolling Cache on one drive and the Manual Cache on another drive?

I set a rolling cache of 2 GB in a 1 TB SSD and it is taking 4 hours now… still hasn’t finished… :open_mouth:.

Yes, entirely possible.

You should probably restart it, shouldn’t take that long :wink:

No no no! Don’t do it. Its probably better to keep an 8GB cache on a SSD than 12TB cache on HDD IMO. I wager that before you even use 1TB of that HDD rolling cache it has become corrupted so you need to reset it, or a patch needs to rewrite it… etc. It’s a temporary cache, not “offline download”.

Anyway it needs to write the complete file when you initialize it, and with a HDD managing even 200MB/s it’s going to take 17 hours!

Disk usage isn’t actually too high from cached areas, try monitoring it yourself.