It's time to

After several messages, absolutely no return!
For example, it would be time now to modify in the world map, the possible choices of the airport doors, the display of the choices is really pitiful !!
in addition to the many other problems!
I have the feeling that asobo are like firefighters in the updates!
Always the same problems without ever real solutions!
to disgust us this this sim

That is a beautiful poem. Thank you for making my morning bright. :slight_smile:


I am delighted to know that I have contributed to your well-being today! :grin:

A meaningless post…along with a meaningless title.

Try putting the subject of you post in the thread title.

Moderators, can we not make a proper title a requirement please?


Yes, stupid trolling title.

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Not to mention I have zero idea what he’s asking for

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I believe it’s meant to be Haiku, but as I don’t understand it I cannot be sure.

Perhaps it’s some foreign translation from the French adaptation of the Japanese?


I am closing this topic since it does not seem to have a clear purpose and offer an opportunity for constructive discussion.

We do ask that titles are meaningful and give the community a good idea of the purpose before reading it

Thanks for your understanding