It's time - We need (working) AI Traffic Improvements

Asobo your MSFS 2020 is awesome, it truly is. No doubt. But its time to go further.
It was one of the big announcements pre release that catched many players.

It was mentioned a lot of times here. This game needs better ATC and AI Traffic.

It lacks so much immersion. There are at least two teams waiting to get their project done, but the documentation on AI Traffic is not done yet. Alpha India Group (AIG) can’t finish their work, they tried to contact Asobo/MS but by now it seems it wasnt answered yet.

It wasnt even touched in last Q&A dev steam. Like you dont care or see the topic is a BIG issue.

ATC is a copy of FSX and is buggy. AI traffic behaves strange.

This kills immersion so much. Airports are empty.

When are you going to work on that?

Let the community do the job, just finish the SDK please. AIG and FSTL are there to get it done.


for those not familiar on what AIG is working at the moment: AIG AI Manager OCI for MSFS – Development Announcement

and besides that, we are always working on finding ways to improve the general AI Traffic, by using all the options provided by the SDK. Users of P3D already know what can be done and we hope to bring all of this to MSFS at some point, but as said often: We need a better SDK, stable updates and more…


ATC and AI traffic require a lot of work, time and good coding. I do not see it coming soon mate. A bad coded AI or ATC can literally destroy any hope for good performance in this game, and to be sincere the game is not ready yet to hold that load. IMHO I do not see it coming anytime soon.


Give the people their AI!!! It kills the immersion and I bey they could attract many more buyers to the sim if this was possible. They’re shooting themselves in the foot here. All they’re asking for is a complete SDK.


I am avoiding MSFS since AI traffic is an huge factor in a flying simulation!
Asobo, it’s time you help 3rd parties to make better AI traffic.

I have created a wishlist topic, for AI traffic to be supported by AIG

Please vote in this topic to make it happen


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