I've been everywhere, man

Well, not quite, but that is the plan!

I’ve been having a blast flying around the recent world updates of the UK and France!

I’ve started to record and keep track of my flights so that I have a visual record of everywhere I’ve explored, as you can see in the attached image. Hopefully one day I will have covered the entire globe!

Favorite places I’ve been to so far would Réunion near Madagascar, and the Vancouver region in Canada. What about you guys?


i’ve been to 151 countries in the sim. :slight_smile:


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Wow…well done. What was your favorite place/country?

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I wish I had something to visually show where I’ve been. No point in doing it now after 500+ flight time lol. I’ve been to over 330 different airports all over the world.

Yeah same. I’m doing a round the world tour where I’m landing in every country. Started a detailed log but it took almost as long as the flight!

I reccomend volanta, it’s free and tracks and maps all of your flights. You can also access your map on a browser in real time. Good to use on the ipad :+1:

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i’d say the australian outback. it’s like flying over a different planet.

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I also use Volanta to record my flights and I upload them to my website (https://www.flightsimdiscovery.com/) to show the exact route and history of places I’ve been. Its going to be great to reflect back on one day, especially in VR because you kind feel you have actually really been there.


Air Journey World Tour -25 Countries

I’m on my last ‘stretch’ of my world tour (could still take a while) with 6,378 airports (and some other places) landed at.

The most fun challenging flying was airport hopping in Papua New Guinea

Favorite places are those I didn’t know anything about yet, discovery is the fun part.

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