I've had 4 CTDs just Today and have Never had them in previous months

It’s interesting to me that in the 3 months I’ve been a part of this sim, I encountered maybe 1 CTD in alpha or beta.

Today, I have had 4… almost 5 mins from when the game’s earth map starts…and crash.

Why does it feel like Asobo/Microsoft is going backwards instead of forwards?


Ever thought it could be something on your end?

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I concur with your experience.

I’ve found that if you see the sim freeze, don’t touch anything. Give it a minute and usually it recovers. Also, make sure you don’t unplug more than one peripheral as that can also cause crashes.

I changed my ATC sound from azure to windows offline, and I haven’t had a CTD since(knock on wood)

I think Azure is struggling under the load

I’ve been having a few also. Usually when I’m within about 5-30 seconds from landing. I dialed back my settings just now and will see how it performs. I think I was pushing my system just a little bit.

No because I simply haven’t changed a thing.

What about hardware issues…devices fail



you will be missed

Over the past few days my sim was randomly pausing for 5-15 seconds. My GPU would literally go from 99% to 0% and it felt like a CTD but all of a sudden the sim would come back to life. It felt like the sim was downloading, froze and resumed downloading again.

I did a few flights today and had no issues whatsoever. The retail version has a lot of odd behaviour which can’t be explained.

For me it had nothing to do with my system. It was the xbox live (?) connection that failed. Symptom: No servers visible when clicking on your gamertag in upper right corner, also 100% ctd if signing out and signing in again. Fixed itself or maybe because i installed xbox app.

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:roll_eyes:. Grow up please.

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Interesting. I wonder if there was an outage?

Just had my 3rd today also - was as stable as can be. I only added fsecomomy simconnect (but fseconomy was not running). I’m wondering if the known issue of simconnect has anything to do with it.

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i had freeze instead moment crash only once, when back to the 446x nv driver, all other crash was just ctd less than second, just sound disappear in 0.2 sec, next 0.2 sec appear, and next 0.2sec i see total commander

I’ve had several freeze then CTD in the B787. When I’m at the first assigned altitude then adjust the altitude knob to set the next altitude, the autopilot disengages followed by system freezing then CTD.