I've just Pre ordered the Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Yoke

Pricey i know but i cant wait for this and also the 737 thats out Q1 next year

Anyone else on here thinking about getting it ?

I think about it all the time. That’s all I can do :sweat_smile:

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Same, I would like to learn about Boeing, aside from the price. Comfort is also concerning to me.

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I mostly fly at present the FWB A320 I also fly the default Dreamliner on this sim but im really looking forward to learning all the ins and outs of the 737

I have a flight sim Cockpit that this will attach lovley to, Will look really nice…I should be getting it just after Xmas…Shipping is the 23rd of this month

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I’m going to get the yoke only version for £350 out in feb

I know random, but I’ve been considering getting the throttle quad only as an upgrade to my existing one, but maybe better off with the Honeycomb.

Still trying to decide… but I want a nice throttle quadrant.

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Well my Pre order has been delayed It should now be shipping on the 29th, Was hoping to have it before the new year hits but think it will be just after that now

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Hey, I had mine ordered from GameStop Canada and it was supposed to show up by the 23rd I haven’t heard anything. Every website I check has the release date set to Jan 30th 2022. I really hope this thing wasn’t delayed by over a month.

I received mine yesterday-it is really good and precise-requires less physical force than the honeycomb yoke-this is in P3D mind you-I still haven’t found a way to assign the rotary bugs so if anyone has done this already I’d welcome their input

Oh these yokes are so awesome, but unfortunately a desk is required to install these. They cannot be just laid on the mattress or on a shelf and be used to control the plane.
Wow I would absolutely love to use the TCA Boeing, it looks awesome (I think Dreamliner-inspired) and surely feels perfect.
But it will take a few years untill these relatively new yokes will get a more attractive price, this thing costs 500€ or so. (But the good news is at least graphics cards have become slightly more affordable, and these insane 1500-3000€ price tags for every average card are over thanks to the 650-800€ AMG Radeon R6000 series :slight_smile: )

In Germany it is dealayed to 30.12. As I dont think it will be released at this date, 2022 sounds more realistic.

I have a Next level Racing Flight sim rig it will install onto no problem, I dont have a monitor attached as i fly VR only

This yoke sure does look really nice cant wait to get it

Im starting to think the same thing

Now amazon says arriving at 28th…lets see.

Anyone in Canada get their yoke yet?

I received mine in the UK on Xmas Eve, yoke is great but not impressed with the throttle.

The levers don’t align correctly at idle and the flaps handle doesn’t fully extend to min/max without springing back slightly.

Not sure if my quadrant is faulty or of this is a design flaw but have sent details to thrustmaster.

I got my Yoke delivered today. I ordered just the Yoke only and not the throttle quadrant since I already have a Honeycomb Bravo throttle. I wasn’t impressed with the throttle only having 3 axis and not 4. Look forward to testing the Yoke later today.

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I’ve been looking at that yoke because my Logitech one was bought during the late fs2004 beginning fsx days and needs replacing eventually because after the no g27 wheel support talk scare a few years ago was enough to make me want to switch to honeycomb and thrustmaster

There is a lot to be gained by updating an old Logitech yoke. Both Honeycomb Alpha and Thrustmaster Boeing yokes are great (just tested TM Boeing). Which one depends if you fly more GA or commercial jets with pendulum yokes. Of course, having both will cover most bases except for planes using a flight stick.