I've Removed the Tooltips (and more options)

Further Updates

I have added some suggestions from the community, you may now choose between tooltips off and tooltips transparent and smaller. Thanks to user Machete3181 for the idea and implementation!

Hey folks

I’ve been doing a bit of digging through the css files and I think I have managed to remove the tooltips from the cockpit view.

TL:DR https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bX4qNMhXi-58V-nqJ3I9W91vWegnBnkG/view?usp=sharing

It probably breaks other things so be aware it is very untested. - So far it does NOT interfere with onAir notifications. I am told that Linda notifications still work too.

UPDATED :: I have managed to get this working as a community patch, see the reddit post - this should help you good folks on the ms store versions.

For what it’s worth, this will hide any tooltip that has a black background and white text… which I believe I have only seen in the cockpit tooltips, but, please be aware I may have accidentally hidden any other tooltip without realising so this is just a quick fix.

If anyone has a version other than the steam version (I have steam) Could you please tell me where the files are! I will update this post with better details thankis!

Yeeesss I love you!!! It really works!


Haha thanks! Im glad it works for you buddy, please be aware it may break other stuff! Thanks for linking it to that other topic too, I had missed that one!

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You are a genius ! They are so fed up
The developer was stubborn


Finally what I was waiting for so long and complaining about it for so long and not just me but about everyone with multiple zendesk to report it but Asobo guys never fixed it… So I am really happy for this fix, thanks a lot for sharing, this is really important for me. great!!! yeah… :grinning: :ok_hand:t2: :+1:t2:

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Where is Notification_Tips.css in MS Store version folder ?

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I am unable to find a similar location in the MS Store version.

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To the above posters… I dont have the MS Store version im afraid so all I can say is it’snot the roaming folder, it’s the installation folder for the launcher. Hope that makes sense!

damm I found the file but can not modify it because it says i do not have access… I am trying to break that but so far nothing… can somebody knows how to help?

That is one of the more annoying features of windows app I must say.

Why they decided to give the steam version one location, the ms store version another location and the disc version yet another location is beyond baffling.

Do you have the path to the file? Can I get that from you? I can update the instruction on the reddit post, cheers.

I found by searching the file and then its location was revealed, basically with Microsoft Store is located in:
Program Files - WindowsApps - Microsoft.FlightSimulatorblahbla - Packages - and the rest is the same as above

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Thanks buddy

Of course they put in a ■■■■ location we can’t even access… Good ole Microsoft!

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I am attempting to make this into a community package, but, I feel like I wont have any luck with it being a launcher file and not a game file - if that makes sense.

I have managed to make it into a community patch so it should be fine if you can drop it into your community folder!


Can you share a patch?)

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See the reddit post, I have just this last few minutes added the package as a community fix!

Hey pal, I’ve managed to get it working as a community package - please see the reddit post :slight_smile:

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It worked :ok_hand:t2:, I can confirm it worked… Those annoying tooltips are gonne for god now, I am sooooo happy, can not thankyou enough, great job… thanks a lot.
I installed the package in the community folder and it fixed… Awesome… You made my day… Fantastic
:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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