I've Removed the Tooltips (and more options)

This works awesome!! Now it doesn’t hide the buttons you are trying to tune. Thanks for your work on this.

Hey pal, if you don’t mind… may I add your transparency version to the zip. More option we can give people hey.

Hello again, forgive the spam! I have taken the liberty of adding your tooltip tweaks to a new “Community-TooltipTweaks” zipped folder we can share.

If you’re not happy just let me know and I’ll take it out! Cheers pal.

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Finally! Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much guys :+1:t2: :wink:

Great mod.
Finally no tooltips all over the screen.


Absolutely, add it. Thanks!

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This is the best add-on for FS2020 hands-down. Thank you so much! I have been lucky in that the tooltips were really my biggest complaint about the sim. (That and Press Any Key to Start lol)

Thank you!!

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With this CSS file, is there a way to keep thing like “on” and “off” and degrees like "heading 130 or 050. But discard the rest of the tooltips.

The content of the tooltip is just an unstructured text, so you have no means to define different styles to the name and the value. So it’s an “all or nothing” thing.

does this interfere with the g1000 mod?

not at all, it does not interfere with anything

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Is this mod still working after the update (1.9.3)?

Yes it is working just fine.

Cool. thanks for confirming.

It works! You are a hero.