I've Spent a Ton of Money on PC Hardware and Market Place

Besides having spent a large amount of money on hardware, I have also purchased over 60 scenery, airports and airplanes from the Marketplace.

Is it worth spending any more money on this hobby, when the sim is so broken and seems to be on a downward spiral.

A ton of broken things and others that simply don’t work.

Will the Xbox really be the end of what could have been an excellent product?

It’s really heart breaking to see what has happened to the sim. :sob:


No, it’s not worth. I purchased an expensive Pc to work with the Ferrari of the simulators…it was Ok till SU5, with just minor well known issues (LOD approaching big cities etc…) but it worked well. Now I have a Fiat Panda that I paid as a Ferrari. ULTRA was supposed to be selected by people with new computer, what’s the PROs in having a new computer if it looks then the same on all the computers no matter which settings you select?

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