Jabiru plane, problem with the pilot

This is to inform that the Jabiru plane, has the pilot outside and not in his place.¿some one know how to solve this problem.

Moved to Third Party Add On Discussion - Aircraft Subforum as this is a custom plane outside of the core simulator.

Have you contacted the maker of the plane?

Thank you for information, No I have not informed to the marker of the plane, I do no know how to do it. I will do as soon as find how. Thanks

So, it appears the plane is made by IRIS Simulations, and it’s sold out of either the Microsoft Marketplace, SImmarket or Orbx. Not sure which store you bought it from.

You could try contacting IRIS Simulations through their website.


Hi, thanks a lot, muchas gracias ¡¡¡¡

It happens with a lot of planes : usualy, if you go to setup, change the pilot + copilot characters and change them back, they will seat in there place.
(Not sure Iris can do anything for that)

Happens to me, if the pilot is in the wrong position, just press ‘escape’ and then select ‘restart’ on the bottom of the page, that usually sets this bug with the pilot right.

The developer is aware of the issue.

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