Jack of all Trades - stuck at 85%

I’m having an issue with registering the last three planes for this bugger.

Flight Design CTSL
JMB Aircraft VL-3
Textron Aviation Cessna 152

Did two flights with the CTSL, one yesterday, and one just finished. Neither would register. :frowning:


Both taking off from KMXF and both landing at the respective destinations, taxi to parking, completed flight log shows up.

I’m using stock liveries, and don’t have any mods whatsoever installed.

Do you have dev mode on?

Nope. No dev mode either.

This whole aspect of the sim is janky as hell.
It doesn’t matter that it says in the flight log.
The log that matters for achievements is the profile and many flights which are successfully logged into the flight log never get into the profile.

Sometimes this progress is completely wiped! Folks lose days/weeks/months of flight hours and/or achievement progress gets reset.

It’s been broken like this as long as I can remember (installed December 2020)

I honestly can’t believe they are going to release an air race dlc with this aspect of the sim so broken so maybe they will fix it soon…or maybe not.

Ahh! That’s very concerning. I did another flight with the JMB, and it didn’t register either. :frowning:

Make very sure that you have NO liveries installed for those planes or any other mods for that matter…
do those planes , without mods / liveries at all and you get to 100%

selecting default livery while liveries are still in community folder = still fail

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I once received the achievement for a soft sloped runway landing while I was in the air. :joy:


As I stated in the OP, I don’t have anything installed other than what comes with the game, Microsoft Store release.

right , i’m flying atm , is the distance far enough 300+ NM ??

319.5 for the first one , should be enough …

do you have Assistance options set to ‘True to Life’ ??

Everything is true to life except unlimited fuel. I’ve had that on for all the planes that have registered for the achievement properly. I’ll turn it back off just to check, but that hasn’t seemed to be an issue before.

Distance has always been 300+nm.

some achievements are just borky by nature
i’m bizzy with the land at 500 different airports :slight_smile:

I’m afraid to do that one at this point lol.

i have everything on default except taxi ribbon … no mods just vanilla

It wasn’t as hard as you imagine. If you do lots of short touch, and goes it’s not too bad. One tip though is when landing make sure you slow down enough that you see the spinning indicator appear at the bottom right. If it doesn’t appear it hasn’t recorded your landing. It does that when you slow to <40kts.

Good tip, thanks a bunch.

In the absence of any real info about these achievements I ended up being completely superstitious about the whole thing.

True to life everything. (including no taxi ribbon)
No mods. No liveries, no flying to or from 3rd party enhanced airports or scenery areas.
No unlimited fuel.
No Co-Pilot handles ATC.
No VCR map, no som rate change.
Live Weather.*

*Live weather actually helped. I chose airports depending on wind speed and direction and used the wind to blow the aircraft along faster than it was otherwise capable.

I started a spreadsheet to track all, especially also for the 500 new airports.

I’ve kept it going. - and in doing so have noticed just how many landings at unvisited airports get logged as ok in the Pilots log but never make it to the Profile log count.
It’s a lot.

Just did another flight with the JMB VL-3.

Tampa International to Columbia Metro (columbia sc).

No assistance on whatsoever. No mods, no liveries, etc. Still isn’t showing up for the acheivement.

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Just as a follow up. I tried a few other attempts on the Xbox Series X, to no avail. I switched profiles and attempted Job Shadowing and it worked first attempt. Took me a little over two hours, but it worked just fine.

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