[January 18, 2024]: Expert Series 1: ATR 42-600 / 72-600 v1.0.36

I get this too but just assumed I was trying to execute it incorrectly and therefore stick to dual engine taxiing now.

My gust lock is always off at taxi, as I imagine it should be.

I’m fairly certain the in-system checklist calls for the gust lock to be released as a before takeoff procedure rather than a before taxi procedure.

I don’t have access to the sim ATM to verify.

I use a nose wheel steering axis binding and I wonder if some of the taxi issues are related to people using the rudder for steering rather than NWS. As in there are some hidden complications to doing so.


Yes, it’s on the Before Takeoff checklist:

Screenshot 2024-07-10 165831

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No, Gust Lock should be on during taxi. It is released before take-off, before entering runway (and it’s a part of the before take-off checklist). This has been discussed here many times as some people are still confused about this and it was also confirmed by real ATR pilots visiting this thread.


SIDs rarely work - the aircraft flies round in circles or weaves back and forth over the route making huge over-corrections

Many instances of it flying 1 whole dot below the glide slope on ILS approach mode

Reversers are at max after around 10-20% of travel on the physical thrust lever and continue to increase beyond maximum the further you move the lever. Aircraft is capable of travelling at 60kt in reverse because of this and causes the nose to shoot up into the air and strike the tail if you overdo it even slightly after landing

Flight idle feels overpowered. Once you are on the glide slope it is almost impossible to slow down if you don’t already have gear down and flaps full. Only way to slow down is to go all the way back to ground idle which doesn’t correctly reflect real world ops

Haven’t tried it in a while but if I remember right the single engine taxi issue has something to do with the hydraulics not operating as they should. Engine 1 (blue circuit) controls the nose wheel steering hydraulics and so should only need this engine to be in auto mode but in the sim you need both engines in auto for it to work


When I posted the screenshot of the checklist a couple of posts above, I played around quite a bit with the aircraft, specifically checking out the taxiing issue.

I was able to taxi with engine 1 running and engine 2 shut off.

The green circuit controls NWS, but both Green and Blue circuits are powered and active when only one engine is running due to the BTC tying both AC buses together.

I even switched to external view and watched the nose wheel pivoting back and forth as I moved my NWS axis while parked.

It really bring question for those having issues, because there 2 thing that will cause issue while taxiing with a single engine :

What are the winds you are trying to taxi into
What is the status of the remaining AC Wild generator

Okay, my bad. I’ve never watched any tutorials re the ATR as I always found it to be a pretty intuitive aircraft to fly, compared to the likes of the PMDG 737 and Fenix 320. I was under the impression the gust lock was only to be used once parked but, given its function, it does actually make as much sense to keep it on during taxi, until lined up ready for departure.

I’ll re-try single-engine taxi, to see if it makes a difference…

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From today’s dev update, new ETA for the update is mid September.

It will include the 42 STOL which has been requested by ATR.

Should be this version:

Also updated interieur artwork for the Highline will be included and the bugfixes.

Unfortunately no news on a cargo version.


I wish we could get either a P2F version or a Combi version of the 42, but since they are all either -300 or -320, chances it won’t happens :frowning:

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Please concentrate on bug fixing first.


Exactly. Forget the calls for new features or variants and get what is already released working properly.

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They cant be serious, the cargo variant betters be involved!

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Say its overlooked