Japan... To install or not?

Like most of you, I installed the patch last week. But I did not install Japan. Now I am curious to try Japan, but wonder if it might cause issues over and above the patch. Should I take the plunge, or wait for the next update and then add the Japanese scenery? Your feedback is invited.

You can always uninstall it… And it shouldn’t cause issues as long as you don’t fly there :slight_smile:

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I’ve had no trouble with it, just flying around sightseeing rather than doing the big tour.

And that’s why I haven’t installed it!

Haven’t heard about the Japan update causing any problems. Try it. It is lovely. Uninstall if there is an unexpected issue. If it were the root of problems we would have heard about it by now.

You already downloaded most of the files that have caused people problems. Those are new base files and the sim will download those where you want them to or not. Most of the update you get from the store is scenery files and are less likely to be the culprit of issues.

It’s amazing. Should be downloaded and enjoyed by all.

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Not personally had any issues either installing or flying in the new Japanese scenery. Spent about half an hour around there and found it quite impressive.

Thank you for responding.

Thank you for your response.

Me too, so far. But getting curious!

I have been keeping an eye open for reports of issues. And the anticipated beauty is why I am now considering it too.

This is a distinction I needed too. If no additional changes are made to the overall world by the Japanese files, then I will go ahead. But if anything changes in areas I fly regularly because of an area I will only fly now and again, that is where I would not bother installing it.

Thanks for your input.

Much appreciated. Thanks for responding.

The only problem I’ve encountered is that it is very easy to over speed the King air because of small range of throttle - screen goes black and message you have overstressed the aircraft. This holds true for the plane elsewhere as well.

Your very welcome.

In the unlikely event that you have any problems you should be able to easily uninstall as a poster has mentioned above.

don’t install – when it’s barely even working w/o major bugs.

I installed the scenery and have had no problems and i have done the japan tour twice and not had a single problem on both my trips.

Update. I installed Japan today. Glad to report it appears to not have caused any additional issues beyond those coming since the patch. Now to explore.