Japan update installed but not active (?)

The Japan update appears on MSFS as installed, but when I fly in Japan (Tokyo), the scenario is the same as before, I cannot understand.
I think uninstalling the Japan update and trying to install it again might work, but how do I uninstall it? (there are so many lines in the Content Manager, which are from the Japan update?
Can anyone help with this?

Thank you!

Note: I installed the update from Japan before the main MSFS update last week … it crashed during the download, but after the MSFS update, everything appears as already downloaded and installed.

I have read your recent post.I have exactly the same problem.I own and have installed the Japan upgrade but it will not run and refers me to the content manager where it is not listed.My windows 10 system is uptodate and so is MFS.I agree i need to reinstall but i can not find out how to do this.Have you made any progress or can anyone else please help