Japan Update release time

Does anybody know what time the update goes live?


Some time between now and later


is there anyway to check for it other than just keep re-launching the game?

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check flightsimulator.com they will post it there once its released

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right on the home page?

Yes, as you can see they posted the 1.8.3 patch when they released it

There will likely be an announcement on the official Twitter feed and Discord Servers.

I haven’t checked what the plans for the forums are, but we will likely make a post in #community:general-discussion-feedback if not #community:news-and-announcements as well.


Do these usually drop shortly after midnight? I’m new to this.

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It can be any time really. We’ve experienced morning and afternoon releases.

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thanks. I have to get up for work and it’s 12:47 am here and I’m not sure whether to wait up. I really want to get download started, but not if it won’t be out till later today sometime.

It’s probably midnight somewhere when they drop it. :wink:

I use it for happy hr all the time.


If I have to wait… I just might make it a happy hour as well. :slight_smile:

All kidding aside, I’m expecting it 10am pacific time, so 1p for you. That’s when the Twitter post for last patch was posted.

they should have a live chat on here while we wait for updates. This is going to go on for the next 10 years.

Yea im in Socal and so far releases happened the next day (day of release) you’re on the East coast, I’d say get good nights rest and when you wake up look out for any posts

Like many things with the post release support, things are vague and they very well could drop it at the beginning of the French workday. At least this time, they told us a specific date instead of within 10 days.

Good point. Well, thanks for the help…

I’m new to this because I just broke out of the console world for this sim. I love it. Once the bugs are out, it will be the bomb.

Don’t spend too much time on the forums yet. Go enjoy the first two weeks in game :slight_smile:

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I have to agree with you there. Seems to be a lot of negativity. I think I will take a short flight, and if it’s not dropped… go to sleep and anticipate tomorrow.

Like Christmas when i was a kid.


No problem, many great things coming to this sim, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Just be patient have fun and like the other person suggested spend more time on the sim than this forum, unless you’re seeking assistance