JEEZ Asoso/MS what the hell happened, first time back in a while and it's so broke!

So I’ve not played MSFS2020 for a good few months, had a couple of gos when VR become active and that was fairly decent too at the time.

But loading up last night, this applies to both Pancake and VR mode, the performance has degraded alot, in pancake i’ve lost around 5-8 fps in most areas. Specs is 5900x, 3080 and 32gb ram on Gen4 SSD, so far from a potato pc.

But the worst problem of them all is probably what I believe is a memory leak, a HUGGGEEE one, when I last played this SIM I could play for hours on end with little to no issues whatsoever, now after 20-30 mins or so the already reduced fps tanks to single digits, and the GPU goes right down to 20% load, upon further investigation I see a huge memory leak is causing this.

So as the title said, what happened?

While attempting to make the game run on potato systems (aka xbox) they destroyed the performance of the game. They are thinking about a hotfix for the couple of new bugs that make the game unplayable but they won’t even comment on what those bugs are. There is clearly a lot of pressure for them to get the sim working correctly on the Xbox right now and are minimizing resources when it really isn’t necessary.

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That’s not the impression I got after watching the developer Q&A. They spent some time talking about performance.

I would like to confirm that the fps has dropped by 10-15% on my system since last update, and I have tested in the same photogrammetry area (before and after patch).

Yes frame rates have dropped on my system too since the 1.14 update …once again we have FORCED updates destroying performance! Why cant we have an opt in or out beta download system for new updates, like they do in Xplane? …oh i forget that’s already been asked and basically asobo/Microsoft don’t seem all that interested in offering optional updates.
Whilst i appreciate the effort the team puts into these amazing updates i also would appreciate the option of downloading them or not, wait and see if they actually break stuff before i opt to download them. Oh and where teh hell is the basic FLYBY view option? still absent. :rofl:

You still believe in those?

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Closing this topic as a duplicate bug. Please use this topic for FPS/Performance issues as this topic has been noted by the team:

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