Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC

Somehow the Jefferson Memorial never got updated even though only a few hundred yards away, the Washington Memorial became a hand-crafted item.

Perhaps the D.C. freeware author will update his package, removing the landmarks that are now implemented by default in the new USA update, and releasing a new package with the landmarks that were not included. :blush:

I would also love to see this along with the other monuments and the buildings of the Smithsonian along the mall. I was hoping with the United States update that the buildings along the mall that were in FSX would have been included in MSFS. They also did not remove the office building that is in the middle of the mall that is not there in real life. Oh well, I will continue to use the excellent freeware Washington DC scenery that is available on and wait for it to be updated to remove the conflicts with the default scenery.

Delivered in World Update 10: United States and New Territories

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