Jet blast / prop wash effects and interaction with the environment

Hello pilots!

How about seeing some jet blast / prop wash interaction with the environment such as with dust, vegetation / grass / leaves, water / spray on the runway and so on.
Thanks for your support!

It seems the Simulator lack of special effects, including the contrails and water trails on seaplanes (see the icon). I think it’s very important to have them, and I hope we’ll see them soon. Miss the water blast from the engines when the runway is wet.

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I hope sometime there will be a jet wash effect in MSFS. In rainy/snowy conditions it would be awesome to see the power of the engines visualized in the form of a jet wash: rain particles blast away behind the aircraft during takeoff and during landing on the side/in front of the engine(s). Since we already have a particle based effect (contrails) I do hope this will make way into the sim as well :slight_smile:

I believe it is a matter of time. For sure it is on the list of particle effects… we need jet wash but also prop wash when on non-tarmac, perhaps landing tire smoke / dirt, all water effects for seaplanes and also AI ships, smoke from combustion engines (those old radials really need it)… plus sprays for agricultural and firefighting planes (distant future)… :smiley:

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For bush flying, it’d be cool if thrust could move grass like high winds do in the sim. With the updated SDK, I’d imagine that this could be possible. Also having a bit of dust/dirt behind the engine when thrusting up would be a nice touch.