Jetway Links get distorted (fall down) when creating jetways to existing terminals

Brief description of the issue:

When creating Jetways, the jetway link ( that connects the jetway object (the part from the plane door), to the terminal, acts strangely.

Currently, when adding a ‘scenery’, object, the jetway link, magnetically attaches itself to the end of the aso_jetway , and we can drag the link to position it between the terminal building and the jetway simboject.

Well, when the terminal building spawns ( it disappears and reappears when creating new links), the ‘connection’ between the jetway link and actual jetway seems to break down.

the jetway link ( which is supposed to magnetically stay attached to the jetway, seems to sag / distort/ fall to the ground. It has to be deleted and placed again and again .

It seems that magnetic connection is not as firm as it should be. dragging the jetway link a bit, causes the connection to break.

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

use SDK to create a new jetway to an already existing terminal building. after the terminal building spawns and respawns a few times ( which happens when placing jetways), some of the jetway connections start sagging like in the picture.

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