Jetway links missing at LIRF

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Brief description of the issue:

At a vast majority of Airports i get missing Jetway links (too many to list)

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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Debug > Display position)

LIRF is the one in the pictures , there are many others

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Load up at for example LIRF , using the Drone i can see many Jetway links broken/missing… you may have to fly away using the drone and come back to see the effect at some Airports , this was meant to be fixed in SU12 but its clearly not and doesn’t happen at 3rd party Airports just airports using default jetways

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World Update 13 (

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It would really help if you could provide more information to help the QA team reproduce this issue.

  1. Where did you fly from and to? You observed this at LIRF, but did you fly there? Did you spawn there?
  2. What aircraft were you in?
  3. Did you spawn cold and dark?
  4. Were you connected to Bing?
  5. Was photogrammetry turned on or off?
  6. In your settings, are you on DirectX 11 or 12? Are you using DLSS?
  7. Any other details you can give us?

I know it may sound like I am asking for a lot, but while this may be happening to you a lot, it is not happening to everybody. But we know that this is happening to some people, and it’s important to isolate what is causing this.

This is what I see if I spawn into LIRF:

Everything looks fine. This is why we are looking for additional information.

1)…I had just loaded up at the Airport
2)… Any … the result was the same
5).photogrammetry was off
6)… Most settings were on high except for off-screen terrain pre caching and Terrain vector which was on ultra … Object detail was set to 125
7)… Well this is the thing , i did a sim reset then uninstall … i reinstalled the sim but this time i installed directly from the MS marketplace not via the X-box app (for PC) , now all Jetways are displaying fine on sim load , i have not done a full flight between two default Airports yet but when i loaded up at LIRF … everything was fine then i used the drone to move North East passed the Airport Boundary and flew on for a little bit, i then returned and some of the jet ways looked broken again (at LIRF) … i re-started at LIRF and everything was ok again… i did do a quick flight from LAX to LGB and back and the Jet ways seemed ok.


What the Jetways look like now on scenery load… all good thankfully

and what they look like after using the Drone to head NE i think it was,… The Drone speed was set to 200… passed 34R …for about a mile then back towards the terminals